Mumus was born in 2014.

Our idea was to create a basic range of clothing that would never go out of fashion. The concept came about when we were living in London, inspired by the Classic London style. We wanted to give our products that something special, so we added a touch of the Liberty print style to our ranges.

The first designs were developed while we were still in London where we spent four years working and gaining inspiration for our own business. We came back to Spain in search of sun and set to work creating the perfect product. Having got the thumbs up from family and friends, we decided to go for it. We registered the trademark Mumus (Almudena’s nickname) and set up our headquarters in Madrid.

At Mumus we believe that the main thing in life is to be happy. That’s why we created the slogan HAPPY MOMENTS. We want wearing a Mumus garment to make you feel special. Let Mumus be what you choose to wear when you’re feeling happy.

We knew we wanted Mumus to be a high quality product and we didn’t stop till we found the best quality sweatshirts and T-shirts we’ve ever seen; all carefully treated with a peach textured finish to make them incredibly soft.

Our runs are not very long because we want Mumus to be unique. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t despair, new collections are on their way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet us. We hope you’ll be joining the Mumus family soon.

Don’t forget to share your photos with us on the Mumus Instagram page, hashtag #MumusHappyMomemts.

Smile at life and enjoy those Happy Moments! 🙂


The Mumus team